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September 4, 2012 / trajsingh

Why aren’t they banning q-tips?

Every day I use these useful little devices, and the same thought always occurs – why haven’t they been banned. On the pack it tells you you must not use them to insert them into the ear canal, because you might damage the ear drum. And yet, that’s pretty much the only thing they are good for (and obviously, what they were designed for).

I’m sure I’m not alone in breaking the rules here.

So, following the same guidelines as, say, the music industry, since these little suckers can be used for a ‘bad’ purpose, surely they should be banned (or at least heavily taxed), in the same way the cassette recorder and cassettes, and blank CDs and DVDs were/are. And in the same way file sharing services (which also have legitimate uses they are almost never used for) are under threat for the illegitimate things they can do (and were in fact designed to do).

I’m jus’ sayin’…

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