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August 31, 2012 / trajsingh

Trends I’m following


There’s lots of cool stuff to invest in out there.

Obviously Sooqini and the whole collaborative consumption/sharing economy space is paramount 🙂 We see it as being essentially unstoppable, as it fits so well with the way people increasingly want to live and run their lives these days.

Other stuff I think is still cool:

  • The whole sensor industry (adding compute power to know what’s going on, from buildings to vehicles to people, this is how we will gather the big data we need)
  • Big data (see above)
  • Haptics (input sources beyond typing and speaking, such as the movement of the device, swipes and shakes, orientation, acceleration)

Stuff that is going to be cool

  • The whole quantified self space – data about yourself from calorie intake to exercise to cycles and routines. Anything that allows you to better impact the way your life goes through measurement and analysis
  • Second screening – tying TV. music, film with content and interaction on your phone/laptop/tablet. Essential for the digital natives amongst us

What do you all think is going to be the next hot space? (Obviously, cool = hot, and equally obviously just because a space is cool/hot doesn’t mean anyone will make money…:-)



  1. Ilona Hassan / Aug 31 2012 6:44 pm

    Thank you Raj. I can share from the readings on communication research and it seems that it is developing toward relationship building, rather than mass or PR message based communication, because the ICT development is allowing us and giving us platforms to engage in relationships through a virtual space. I think we will need to “upgrade” our communication culture, norms and habits to be effective.
    Sooqini I think is right on with those trends and your task, as part of promoting your platform, is to contribute to building new cultural dynamics.

  2. trajsingh / Sep 4 2012 1:55 am

    Ilona, I agree with your great comment. ICT definitely is taking us down a ‘mass customization’ path where relationships can be built, uniquely, one at a time. I guess Sooqini is a part of it, but we are building the culture unwittingly (like the invisible hand of Adam Smith, we do something that we think is useful and profitable, and by doing so contribute to the overall change in how society works (in a small way of course)

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